Polycarbonate Roof and Composite Roof panel

Polycarbonate Roofing

Perfect choice to create a covered area within your garden and backyard with the benefit of UV protection.

Polycarbonate roofing has the ability to reflect more heat across the entire ultraviolet light spectrum, instead of just the portion that provides visible light. We make sure our polycarbonate roofing meets global stringent standards, which will endure harmful UV rays, hail damages and suitable for high wind areas.

Wherever you go with Polycarbonate roofing for your garden, you get a stylish and modern makeover on top of protections against UV rays and thermal insulation. Most often polycarbonate is used for skylights and awnings to bring the best out of both worlds. With an extensive range of options, color and profile we hold, we are confident you will be able to get the perfect piece of polycarbonate roofing for your garden.


They are always the first choice when residents tend to build awnings for the porch and garden. For the price you are paying for and the customization you get, polycarbonate roofing is as durable as other roofings in the market. Every piece of our polycarbonate roofing is engineered to be durable with least maintenance. On top of that we offer different thickness to suit your needs. All in all, polycarbonate roofing is very customizable to suit your needs.

Best Awning installation Service at Build Best Roofing

Welcome to BUILDBEST ROOFING & CONSTRUCTION PTE LTD! We are a leading company providing roofing, painting, decoration and Awning installation Services! Our all awnings come along complete comprehensive manual while we are providing assistance and guidance during the installation process.

You’ll be able to enjoy the shade in your yard quickly with our flawless repairs. From patching to stitching, you’ll get fast service from our awning experts.

BUILDBEST ROOFING & CONSTRUCTION has Polycarbonate awning masters and they are ready to compete any challenge. Either you look out for a residential or commercial awning, it’s a routine task for our experts.

The shade from an awning provides the perfect refuge & shelter from the summer heat. The company is offering multiple styles and sizes of awnings. You are easy to view a range of designs and then select the one that exactly matches your home. Enjoy protection comfort at the site with our next level awning services that can be tailored anytime to meet your expectations.

Awnings are the most functional sunshade systems that give protection to the premises. They are more like external tents, consisting metal structure support and a reflective fabric. Our qualified and experienced installers are committed & dedicated to deliver excellence during the project, leaving no error and delivering a fully functional awning structure. We can get any installation done safely, on time and up to perfection!

So are you ready to enjoy a perfect shading solution for your outdoor space? Well leave it on our experts. We’ll take care of all, from design to installation!